Monday, February 25, 2013

Birth story: Landon.

I LOVE shooting a birth story, and this one was great. Landon was born in the late afternoon, so the light in the room was fantastic. He was such a beautiful and healthy newborn! Mom Laneea was a champ, and her reply to my asking about the more "intimate" photos was: "All of them are fine to use. They are all part of the story. Can't wait to see the rest." I think, as a first-time mom, you're more apprehensive and/or private about who you want in the room, who'll see and hear what, etc. But after having several children, it's all business per usual. :) Thus, if you get dizzy at the sight of a small amount of blood, or a gorgeous woman's legs in stirrups makes you clutch your pearls, these may not be the photos for you, though I assure you they were all very tastefully done. Just you try not to get teary-eyed. I dare ya.